Born Sanders


Romi Cage, Amsterdam Saints, Showband BORN XL,

Jazz trio BORN & various artists freelance

Product:  XK-2, XK-3c

“Started off using the XK-2 and upgraded to the XK-3c! Everything about this instrument is astonishing. The looks, the incredible sound, you just can’t get enough of Hammond!”


Born is known in circles as one of the fastest piano players in town, which may or may not be attributed to his impressive ability to drink copious amounts of Italian coffee. He’s an incredibly diverse musician, able to perform naturally on a wide array of instruments in various musical genres like pop, rock, blues, jazz and funk. Born started playing the piano at the age of 5. By listening and copying songs he heard on the radio and playing them on the piano he began to develop his first musical skills. At the age of 11 he started taking piano lessons at a private music school.

At the age of 24 Born completed his Bachelor studies Piano Improvised Music (cum laude) at the conservatory of Utrecht (NL) in 2004. This is also the time Born got his first Hammond, the XK2. His teachers at the conservatory were Bert van den Brink and Cor Bakker. Born also followed master classes form respected musician like Louis van Dijk, Thijs van Leer, Brad Mehldau and Benjamin Herman. From early on Born was founder of many pop and jazz groups like the Dutch band Van Binnen, jazz trio Born and showband BORN XL with whom he accompanies both national as well as international artists like Shirma Rouse (The Voice Of Holland), Meike van der Veer (The Voice Of Holland), Pearl Jozefzoon (musical Dreamgirls & The Voice Of Holland) and other respected artists.

Born is constantly writing and recording new original pieces with his jazz trio BORN. His compositions are surprisingly direct and catchy from grooving to melancholy. Jazz music with a pop sound. Born’s trio has already been touring in Poland (2011), France (2012), England (2013), Malaysia (2013). With his other band: Amsterdam Saints, he presented their second album “Moving On” in February 2015. The band earlier toured in Mexico and is already working on a third album.

As a composer Born is active for both radio and television. His compositions are often used in TV and radio commercials. These days Born can mainly be found on stage performing with various artists and bands like Romi Cage, Amsterdam Saints, BORN XL, Jazz trio BORN, singer-songwriter: Channah, and other artists (freelance)

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