Julia ‘Juulz’ Driessen

Band/Affiliation: Uncle Jimmy

Product: Hammond XK-3c system with Leslie 3300W

The Hammond is a big part of the show in my band Uncle Jimmy. The XK-3c is rocking all the way!

Julia ‘Juulz’ Driessen is the Hammond player of the Dutch rock band Uncle Jimmy. She is one of the few female Hammond players, and also one of the youngest and most talented.
After a few years of piano lessons, at the age of 13, Juulz entered her first band: a school band without a name. Only one year later she was asked to join a local rock cover band (The Southern Locals). When playing songs of Deep Purple on piano first, her band members advised her to try out the Hammond, where she had never heard of at that time.
But it was a love at first sight: Juulz picked up things very quickly with the Hammond. She has the ability to let the Hammond do what she wants, she tamed the beast.
From second hand single manual Hammond keyboards, she upgraded recently to the full XK3c (mini-B) system with the Leslie 3300w.

Juulz played a few years in a blues band, Blues Dog, and a funk band, Meet the Funkers. She also joined a lot of jam sessions and did some work as session musician, i.a. with Tim Ries (Saxophone player of The Rolling Stones).
Since 2016 she is the Hammond player of Uncle Jimmy. With this band, she plays approximately 50 shows a year, often crossing the borders to Germany. In 2017 they released an EP called ‘Moon Child’ (available on Spotify). They did shows on Amsterdam Kookt, Countdown café Radio Veronica, Nispen Blues, Old Dubliner Irish Pub Lüneburg (DE) and Dicky Woodstock popfestival. In 2018, a lot of big shows are planned: Popweekend Schagen, Culemborg Blues, Vollmershain Open Air (DE), Topos Leverkusen (DE) and many more.

Besides making music, Julia studies Medicine at the University of Amsterdam.
E-mail: Juulzdriessen@gmail.com