Marc Adams

Band/Affiliation:  International Recording and Performing Artist

Products:  XK-1c, B3

The first call for the touring, recording and performing Hammond organ and piano community in New Orleans. His history spans over 30 years and is considered the father of New Orleans B3 Hammond blues organ. He has been playing a Nord Electro for 13 years and is ready to switch back to a weighted keyboard for piano, etc and really loved, and is purchasing, the XK1C as the organ replacement.

He has played as a B3 single and backed up big horn bands and been the main Hammond and piano chair behind local, national and international high caliber artists. Fine vocalist. Very un-assuming and is probably the most genuinely humble, under-rated and under promoted organist in the national active blues and funk community. Well known in the national music scene.

He is so busy that he doesn’t need to advertise, so no website.  His curriculum vitae is huge and includes all of the local music festivals, most of the national music and blues festivals and many of the EU tours.

National Projects

  • The Adams/Griffin Project
  • Eric Lindell
  • Bryan Lee Quartet
  • Andy J Forrest
  • Marva Wright
  • Tab Benoit
  • John Sinclair
  • The Dixie Cups


  • Jazz and Heritage Festival
  • French Quarter Festival
  • New York Blues Festival
  • Pennsylvania Pocono Blues Festival
  • Chicago Blues Festival
  • Paris Jazz Festival
  • Grohling Jazz Festival Berlin
  • Texas Blues and Heritage Fest
  • Austin City Limits

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