Arnout Arkenbout (Netherlands)

Band/Affiliation: Blues-Rock, Soul, Funk, pop artist

Product: Mini-B (XK-3, XLK-3 + stand), Leslie

“Hammond was my first love and it will forever last”

In 1994 Arnout Arkenbout was born in Roden (Drenthe, NLD). Growing up in a family of singers, artists and sound engineers.

Drenthe, the part of the Netherlands with a strong influence of the Blues. (Cuby and the Blizzards)

He began to play piano when he was 6 and started with classical lessons when he was 11.

At the age of 15 he discovered blues and jazz. In 2011 Arnout started a music course at the Friesland College D’drive in Leeuwarden and he graduated in 2015.

Arnout always loved the sound of the Hammond. The first time he saw and heard a Hammond was when he was just 4 years old by seeing the movie “The Blues Brothers”.

My big inspirations are John Lord and Jimmy Smith.
He played a lot of Hammond during his study but didn’t own a Hammond until his 20th birthday. This day his parent gave him a Hammond XB-2.

A year later he bought a massive old tone-wheel Hammond Grandee of an old man. This is a really big Hammond with build in Leslie and a drum computer. We needed 4 people to move the organ.

Now in 2016 Arnout plays his gigs on a Hammond XK-3 with XLK-3 and stand.

In 2014 Arnout was the co-founder/composer/organist of the band Uncle Jimmy
With this band he played about 85 gigs in the Netherlands and Germany.

He left the band in April 2016.

Besides he is playing with a 10-man Soul cover band, Soulblender.

Arnout is currently busy setting up a new band/Hammond act
“it will be psychedelic blues-rock”

Band: Soulblender – ‘Tell Mama’ Ft. Arnout Arkenbout

Track: Storm

Artist: MAARIS ft. Arnout Arkenbout