Art Brauer (Germany)

Band/Affiliation: Tom Beck
Product : Hammond “Mini B3” (XK-3 + XLK-3 + Stand), Leslie 147

“I love the Hammond Organ for it’s unique character and for its sound colors: from soft whispering to loud screaming”

Art (Artiom) Brauer, Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Russia, began classical piano lessons at the age of seven. His interest in jazz awoke at 16.. He graduated from the Russian Academy Of Music in Moscow as a jazz pianist, while his career has been focused in the area of rock and pop music.

In 2004 he graduated from the College of Music in Cologne as a jazz pianist .At this time, he began a more in depth study of the Hammond organ. He founded the Jazz project “Art Quartet” and played with the Mathias Grabenhorst Jazz Trio, and began working as a session and musical pit musician.

Art currently plays the Hammond organ with Tom Beck (alarm for Cobra11) and in the musical “Rocky” in Hamburg.