Pate Kivinen (Finland)

Band/Affiliation: Popeda

Product: Hammond XK-5 with XLK-5, Hammond XK3-C with XLK-3, ’52 Hammond C3, Leslie 122 XB, Leslie 251 (modified with 147 amp) and Leslie 3300.

“The sound, the look and the feel of playing were all the things which make me felt in love with Hammond-organs. From the smooth, jazzy and silky nighclub-blues to the wallbreakin’ hardrock-scream… all that from the same organ!

The new XK5 is a killer.

I just can’t imagine myself to be in the studio or on the road without it!”

Pate found the nasty, growl and glorious sound of Hammond-organ by listening his big brother’s vinyls: The Spencer Davis Group, Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Procol Harum and the one and the only Deep Purple. He discovered the sound and the style of playing the Hammond-organ to follow is mr. Jon Lord!

With Pate’s childhood’s cheap home-organ he found the solution for practising: combining Walz- and March-rhythm on the organ’s drum machine gave a nice heavyrock double bassdrum-rhythm for learning more Deep Purple tunes.

Pate joined to his first band on age of 13. At the same year his band won the local band contest with a nice trio: drums, guitar/vocal and organ/bass.

After playing in a couple of bands he joined hardrock/prog-band “Five Fifteen” for 16 years. This educational journey to the magical world of music by Yes, Journey, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Who gave him a solid hardrock base allowing Pate to invited to huge Finnish legends: “Hanoi Rocks”. As a “hired gun of keyboards” he travelled with the guys around the world for four years.


Legendary Finnish band Popeda was founded in 1977 in Tampere, Central Finland. At the beginning band’s sound was punk-oriented but soon they found the real Popeda-sound; good feeling and heavy hi-energy boogie-rock. Today Popeda is one of the biggest band in Finland and enjoys huge popularity. In 2017 this five-member band is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an extensive tour.

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