Quint Vullings. A 17-year-old organ player, born and raised in the Netherlands.

Band/Affiliation: Sheverine

Product: Hammond XK5 System, Hammond M3, Leslie 147 and Leslie 760

“Hammond. A community as diverse as the instrument itself and a legacy that goes back to the early 19th century. This, plus its great feel and so many ways to define your sound makes it a truly inspiring instrument with a real soul.”

His Hammond Story starts off with his growing love for ‘vintage’ at the age of fifteen. He went out to the nearest record store that still sold vinyl, and bought a second-hand copy of the album “Shades of Deep Purple”, by Deep Purple. He had been playing the piano since he was eleven years old, but never really heard an actual Hammond organ. That was until he put on the record on his pickup, and heard the immense vocabulary of sounds that emerged from the Hammond organ, played by Jon Lord. This moment was a turning point in his life, because since then he never stopped looking for the best Hammond sound.

This search started at his old stage piano. The samples sounded a bit like what he heard on the record, but didn’t really get close. After a while of searching he found a keyboard that had actual drawbars, like the Hammond, but wasn’t an actual Hammond. He bought it, and managed to get to know the drawbar system and the basics of playing the organ.

After many gigs using that keyboard he noticed an ad on the Dutch Hammond Club site. It was a Hammond L100PN, together with a Leslie 760N. This would later become his first step to being an actual Hammond player. But the thing is, once he got the taste of the real thing, he never stopped wanting to get more from this golden combination. Eventually, an M3 made its way into the setup, and after that an actual Leslie 147. He felt like his setup was finally complete.

In the meantime, he never stopped meeting bright personalities and wonderful people, all of them part of the Hammond scene, in his/her own way. Someone who’s worth noting here, though, is Pascal Lanslots. Pascal has taught him a lot of the things he needed to know about playing the Hammond Organ, and he kept going out of his way to create great, inspiring opportunities for Quint, so he could better develop himself as an artist. 

Thanks to Pascal, and numerous other connections he was introduced to the wonderful people of Hammond Europe and Musifix. And suddenly he found himself being an actual Hammond Artist, at the age of 17, with a brand new XK5 ready to hit the road with his band Sheverine (and others, of course)

The Hammond had planted this idea of what his sound should be in his head, through an old, dusty record. And because of this, he developed a strong love for the instrument, and everything a ‘Hammond Organ’ means.

Only recently he got to record an EP with his band Sheverine, and thanks to Hammond Europe and Musifix he was able to use the XK5, together with the Leslie 3300W in the studio. According to Hammond, Sheverine was the first band ever to use this combination on an EP. So, if you’re curious about his sound or the band, just take a look over here:

What is he doing now? He’s studying ‘keys’ at the Rock City Institute and writing/performing as much as possible. Come and see him at one of his gigs!

Sheverine Official Facebook page