Rob Mostert (Netherlands)

Band/Affiliation: Rob Mostert Hammond Group, The Preacher Men

Product: Hammond XK5 system incl footbass, Hammond vintage B-3, Leslie 145, Leslie 122 leslie 142N.

“The vintage Hammond organ is the only instrument in the world with a real heart (the engine of the organ)
For me the sound of the Hammond goes straight to the heart, maybe that’s why I see the Hammond as a living creature. He’s snorring, and screaming like a real beast.
With the modern Hammond organs like the XK5 I have the same feeling, it feels and plays like the good old vintage Hammond legends.”

True passion is to know what you want not give up before you got it. To me that passion is making music and performing with my Hammond.

Rob Mostert (1965) is one of The Netherlands’ top Hammond players, a true purist, one of the few to play the footbass with his (bare) feet. At an early age he was introduced to the soul jazz of Jimmy Smith and fell in love with the sound of the Hammond. A music career was inevitable and after graduating Hammond organ at the Conservatory, Rob played in different bands, meanwhile continuing to develop himself as a passionate Hammond performer.
In 2010, inspired by his heroes Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Rob recorded his debut album at the Englewood Cliffs Studios with Blue Note legend Rudy Van Gelder. He traveled to New Jersey with his Hammond quartet and returned with ‘Englewood Cliffs Sessions’ a traditional Hammond soul/jazz album that was appreciated by Hammond fans all over the world. Rudy Van Gelder, 86 at that time, commented in the liner notes: “This session was unusual, the musicians came from The Netherlands, but the music comes from here, from the Blue Note tradition that I helped create in my studio”.
For follow up album ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ (2013), Rob took it a step further and added a groovy horn section to his band. The new sound was a funky mix of soul/jazz and sexy Memphis soul that not only worked well in the studio but also contributed to the band’s live reputation. One of the highlights was the invitation to perform 4 shows at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, Rochester NY US.
His 7-piece Rob Mostert Hammond Group is Rob’s base for new ventures and collaborations. 2018 starts the new tour Sex, Hammond & Rock ‘n Roll. The band includes some of the finest musicians around, all with proven international potential and a spectacular sound.

Rob’s most recent venture is The Preacher Men, a hip and happening jazz trio together with Efraim Trujillo (sax) and Chris Strik (drums). Three top musicians sharing the love for classical Hammond trio’s from the ‘50s- ‘60s.

Alongside his career as an artist, Rob Mostert co-owns INovation studio where he welcomes national and international producers and recording artists. Rob is also host of tv program ‘Mostert Meets’ where he has been jamming with international Hammond players like Dr. Lonny Smith, Lachy Dooley, Mike Ledonne and others. Rob is co-owner of, a Hammond online platform for all kind of Hammond activities like concerts, masterclasses, studio-concerts, Hammond recordings etc. In addition, Rob teaches Hammond, piano and keyboard and is also music coach at the famous Abbey Road Institute.