Sven Figee

Band/Affiliation: Sven Hammond Soul

Product: XK-3C, vintage Leslie 147 and Leslie deluxe combo pre-amp

„The Hammond organ and me: it was love at first sight and will be a lifelong relationship.  „Just love it !“




In 1995 Figee started studying jazz-piano at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He played with various local (The Hague) funk & rock bands. His first major recording experience is with Dutch rock-band Topaz. In ’96 their album ‘The Door’ was released. Figee was responsible for all (Hammond) organ and synthesizer cuts.

With Marcel de Groot he tours the Dutch theaters. Figee is for two years part of the group that releases a live album, ‘Tour’,  in ’98. This group also accompanies renowned Dutch artists like Boudewijn de Groot and George Kooijmans (Golden Earring).

From 1998 to 2000 Figee hits the road with the successful Dutch rock singer Anouk. As part of her band Figee tours Europe and America and plays many festivals and clubs. In ’99 he contributes to her second, double platinum selling studio album ‘Urban Solitude’.

In 2000 Figee tours with American rock singer Keith Caputo (Life Of Agony). They play at the Roskilde festival (Danmark) and the famous German TV-show Rock Palast.

In 2006 Figee, starts his own group ‘Sven Hammond Soul’. A Hammond driven combo with drummer Joost Kroon, bass player Glenn Gaddum and guitarist Tim Eijmaal. They start touring Dutch clubs and (jazz) festivals straight away and release a live album called ’Live at the Zwarte Ruiter’.

Figee produced the second studio album, ‘Trust’ of the singer Rose and starts building his recording studio with friend and guitar player Roland Dirkse. Marmalade Music opens early 2008 in Delft and has produced many hit albums and singles since then.

Figee’s band ‘Sven Hammond Soul‘ has released three studio albums since then, two of which are recorded and mixed at Marmalade Music: ‘The Marmalade Sessions’ (2009) has achieved ‘classic album’ status in Dutch iTunes (jazz) and has received an Edison Award nomination. Their second album, ‘The Apple Field’ (2011) also received an Edison Award nomination in the category ‚Pop‘. The group played the famous ‘North Sea Jazz festival (2010 & 2012) and many other clubs, TV- and radio shows and festivals. In 2014 they released their third studio album ‘The Usual Suspects’. Recorded and produced by the highly acclaimed British producer Tony Platt (Bob Marley, AC/DC, Motorhead). Their club tour early 2014 was completely sold out and they are a popular live act at many outdoor festivals this summer.