Voice Libraries

SK Voice Library Step 1: Download to your computer. Step 2: load onto a USB Stick (“Thumb Drive”) that has been initialized by your SK. Please make sure your SK is updated to at least Release 3 (Main 1.112). Quick Start to SK Operating System Quick Start to SK Favorites Setup Troubleshooting a Failed Update […]
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Owner’s Manuals

Download Owner’s Manuals Portable Keyboards/Organs SK Series SK Supplement – Using the USB Port XPK-100 XPK-200 and XPK-200L PK-25PXK XM-2 XLK-3 XK-3 XK-3c  XK-5 XK-1 XK-1c CU-1 (Leslie switch) Older Manuals Console Organs B-3 Classic B-3 mk2 C-3 mk2 Leslie Leslie 2101 Leslie 2101 mk2 Leslie 2121 Leslie 3300 and 3300W Leslie Pedal Leslie 122XB
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Brochures / Catalogs

Brochures / Product Catalogs XK System Spec Sheet XK System Series ‘Mini-B’  Leslie Pedal Spec Sheet Leslie 3300 Spec Sheet  XK-1c Spec Sheet XK-1c Flyer/Brochure  XK-3c Brochure  SK Series Brochure B-3 C-3 Brochure
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