Jesper Bo ‘Jay Boe’ Hansen

Band/Affiliation: Glenn Hughes

Product: Hammond XK-5 system with Leslie

“I love the random organic factors of the Hammond. One foot on the expression pedal, the other on the Leslie switch, one hand playing the keyboard and the other on the drawbars – the perfect loss of control, you can never be 100 % in control. You have to put all of your body, mind and soul into it, in order for it to shine.”

Jesper Bo ‘Jay Boe’ Hansen from Hammond Europe on Vimeo.

The lightning stroke when I was around 14 years-old and I listened the recordings of Santana, The Band and Joe Cocker from the Woodstock festival, John Paul Jones’ organ with Led Zeppelin and Billy Preston in concert for Bangladesh. I felt a strong connection and I knew immediately that I one day had to play a Hammond Organ.

I found my parents old Crosby, Stills & Nash albums, Stephen Stills first solo album with the legendary organ on ‘Love the one you’re with’, Jimmy Smith’s ‘Hoochie Coochie man’ and I couldn’t stop listening! They were all such a huge inspiration.

Later on I discovered funk and soul music, reggae, beat music, Bill Payne (Little Feat), Steve Winwood, Booker T (& the MG’s), Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Al Kooper, the Boogaloo of Dr. Lonnie Smith and obviously Jon Lord of Deep Purple – suddenly I heard Hammond organs everywhere.

After having had the B-200, the P-100 and the M-100 I now have all I could ever dream of in the XK-5 system.

Since 2003 Jay Boe has been touring in Denmark with the finest Danish songwriters including Anne Linnet, Jens Lysdal, Anne Dorte Michelsen, HUSH, Rasmus Nøhr and Simon Jul. In the winter of 2017 Jay Boe will be touring with lead vocalist and bass player of Deep Purple Mark III/IV, Rock n’ Roll hall of fame inductee, Glenn Hughes.