Michael Nass

Band/Affiliation: BAP/Die Seilschaft/Inga Rumpf + KKnZ


1. : Mini B3 ( XK-3c+XLK+Stand)  + Leslie 2103 mkII .

2. : B3 – early 70´s  + Leslie 122 + special preamp by C. Nass Berlin

“It´s like a good redwine … with the real thing, a Hammond Organ, you just can´t fail!

There is a rich fullbodied tasty sound ,which you simply you can´t get with other instruments. I love it !”

Berlin based Michael Nass is a musician ,composer and record producer

since he started his carrier in the eighties.

Born in 1966 ,he tried the first  piano lessons in the early seventies.

After ten years in classical piano playing ,he entered the stage with his first popband called “P16” – one of the youngest wellknown teenband ever the eighties in what was then east germany.

Later on ,he had many collaborations with several artist and bands in germany both live on stage and in the studio. Retrospectively he is involved in more than 80 CD and DVD releases and many filmscores for german TVmovies.

Since 1999 Michael became a member of renowned german rockband BAP (Niedeckens BAP).

This famous rockband ,founded by singer and songwriter Wolfgang Niedecken, relased 23 albums and many DVD´s in 38 years.

Almost all of the releases hit the top 3 of german albumcharts during the years.

The newest BAP live album “Das Märchen vom gezogenen Stecker” (which literally translates as ‘the fairytale of unplugged’)  entered the german albumchart at #1 in september 2014!

BAP performed 7 times at the legendary german TV-Show “Rockpalast ” and plays many festivals every year. In 2002 ,the international acclaimed filmmaker Wim Wenders made a rock´n roll movie about the band “Viel Passiert”.

Furthermore Michael Nass works also as a mixing engineer and supervisor for film scores in german TVmovies along with several composers.

Beside playing with BAP story he is also on tour with KKnZ + Inga Rumpf ,the grand lady of funk and soul in germany .

She started her carrier in the seventies with bands like Atlantis and Frumpy and was also songwriter for Tina Turner in the eighties.

Another project is “Die Seilschaft” a band ,founded by Singer and Songwriter Gerhard Gundermann .